This is Filey becomes Stay in Filey

Today we are proud to announce that This is Filey will be merging with Stay in Filey on the 8th March 2020, this merger will provide Filey’s businesses and visitors with an enhanced experience when it comes to the promotion of businesses and events within the town.

This also means that the current software used for This is Filey (app and website) will adopt the ‘Stay in Filey’ brand with a fresh new look for the app and website coming later this week.

During this week we will be contacting any Filey Businesses currently in business with This is Filey or Stay in Filey to let them know of any changes and our process of moving their listings over to the new platform.

The next step will be to then change the branding on the current This is Filey site and app to Stay in Filey and redirect any traffic from to

This is Filey’s Social Media Accounts will also be merged into Stay in Filey


For Stay in Filey users, Kerry and Caroline are still working behind the scenes however the team from This is Filey will be running everything ‘front of house’!


Thank you for everyone’s support and let’s bring Filey Digital!



Cameron Bowes